Eorzean HQ


Made by the the Final Fantasy XIV Community, for the Community, this fan-based digital magazine has been a passion project we continue to develop on a monthly basis. I, also known as Delita Silverwing, recently got the chance to be a part of the August issue and aim to continue being a Volunteer Layout Designer, Writer, Social Media Editor, Copywriter and actively engage our 2,700+ followers as Community Public Relations. To us, COMMUNITY is everything and we wish to continue spreading a positive influence both virtually and physically.

Our magazine covers a variety of categories but mainly Fashion, Cosplay, Fan Art, Game Guides, In-Game Housing, Streamers and a using a post processing filter program we like to call HQShade.

If you are a fan of the game or wish to be a part of our LGBTQ friendly community, stop by the website, follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and follow those showcased below!